Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My first uploads.

These are all from my sketch books. When I'm not falling asleep in front of the telly or playing the latest video game opus, I'll do some sketching.

My formal college training in illustration has led to a very technical approach to sketching and drawing, which has over my working career made me rather less expressive whenever I do have a stab at it.

I started my sketch books last year in an attempt to loosen up a bit. Part of this process included studying the human body, and really understanding how the bones and muscles should be drawn from memory as well as drawing whatever else I saw or came into my head.

It took four months to learn how to draw a full human skeleton and then add all the muscle groups in different positions and articulations. Lots of repetition, over and over, but it has stuck in my brain!

I believe that being able to do this is central to figurative drawing, especially when from the imagination.

Expect more stuff soon, so long as I am not being distracted by that video game!

Hello, well this is my first ever blog.

I've started this in an attempt to encourage me to start uploading personal artwork whether it's just a simple sketch or something more impressive.

Although I work full time as a computer artist, I have rarely taken a bus man's holiday to paint and draw for pleasure.

Now that I've started this blog, my life should and will change. I'll probably start by uploading some sketch book work, and as time goes on will also show some step by steps, and finished stuff. Who knows, hopefully this will be a shop window to my ramblings, failures and innermost thoughts.

Ultimately this will be a journey documenting my desire to become a better established artist with more control over what I choose to do.

Expect something soon :)